A White Christmas
South Texas
December 24-25, 2004

Angleton Aerial Photo Brownsville Corpus Christi Ingleside
McAllen Radar  San Benito Santa Rosa Victoria


Even though some weathermen were reporting the possibility of sleet and/or snow on Christmas Eve, those of us in South Texas never believed that a record snow was about to occur.   Snow depths ranged from a record-setting official 4.4 inches in Corpus Christi to a foot in Victoria, with various amounts in the Rio Grande Valley and as far north as Galveston.

With the help of fellow members of the Palm Society of South Texas, I've put together some photos of the "historic" winter storm that began the evening of December 24, 2004, and lasted until early Christmas morning.

Many thanks to those that contributed photos of their palms and yards.

Ed Ladd, Webmaster